30 Affordable Dresses Approved by a Gen Z Fashion Editor

I’m the first one to admit that I love to get dressed up. A party, an event, a happy hour, a girl’s trip, a first date… You name it—I’m dressing up for it. I believe that life is way too short to wear boring clothes and that your clothing is like personal armor and a tool for self-confidence. If there’s a chance that I get to pull one of the many, many dresses in my collection, I always jump at it. When shopping for dresses, I like to focus on pieces that are versatile. I love a dress that I can wear from the office to a work event or a dinner—a dress that can transform from the perfect date-night look to a great night-out moment.

The key is being able to style the same piece in fun ways, and with dresses, that is way easier than you may think. If you love your favorite knit dress with knee-high boots, try pairing it with sheer tights and pumps next time. Every dress I buy has to be a piece I can see myself wearing on at least three different occasions, and this has helped me be smarter when shopping. I have been shopping for great dresses that don’t hurt my wallet, and I found 30 that are so good and look way more expensive than they are.

Keep scrolling to see which 30 dresses get my stamp of approval.

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