4 Specific Items You Buy From Nordstrom Rack

As you may well know we love a great Nordstrom find over here at Who What Wear, but what’s even more thrilling is finding said Nordstrom find considerably marked down—which is exactly what you’ll get at their off-price sister store—Nordstrom Rack. While scouring through Nordstrom Rack may feel overwhelming (and not nearly as glamorous as shopping at Nordstrom), the wonderful part about it is you can find many designer brands, cool labels, and quality pieces at more accessible prices.

Below, I wanted to share four categories I highly recommend buying from the discounted retailer—as well as plenty of shopping picks within those categories. These include elevated basics and designer items that you can wear year-round and don’t ever need to spend full price on. No need to spend hours scouring the site—I’ve added all the add-to-cart worthy items below that no-one will believe you actually found at Nordstrom Rack.

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