Aerie’s Viral TikTok Double Crossover Leggings Review

The Crossover Leggings aren’t like your typical workout pair, as it doesn’t have that spandex feel. You won’t find that thickness or super waist-sculpting look here — butt-enhancing maybe. Instead, the leggings are designed with Aerie’s lightweight Real Me fabric, which is thin, breathable, and supersoft. The bottoms are created to give you light support as an everyday pair. So feel free to wear the pair throughout the day, whether you’re heading to the post office, walking your dog, working from home, or lounging on your couch. Plus, the affordable price point adds to the perks of this must-have staple. The leggings and flare style are currently on sale for 30% off, with the prior being $38.46 and the latter $45.46.

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