Al Roker Is Set To Return To The Today Show On January 6

Al Roker had a few health scares in 2022, and fans all over prayed for a speedy recovery. Those prayers have been answered as the TV personality returns to work this Friday. ‘Today’ show anchors Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, and Craig Melvin, some of his biggest supporters during his recovery stage, announced that he’d be returning during a recent episode of the Today show. 

“We have some great news to share this morning: Al is returning to the show,” said Guthrie, 51. 

“Everyone’s like, ‘When when?’ Well, we have our date,” added Kotb, 58. “He’ll be here Friday. He’ll be right here in Studio 1A. This is his place. He’ll be in his seat, right where he belongs. I cannot wait for that.”

Melvin excitedly stated that with Roker’s return, they’d finally be back together again. The last time the father and husband were on a live broadcast was November 4. Guthrie chimed in and said the show wasn’t the same without Al, 68. The weatherman is a treasured member of the Today show as he’s been there since 1996–three years shy of three decades. 

Roker fell ill in mid-November and was admitted to the hospital due to blood clots in his legs and lungs. He returned home weeks later and was readmitted the day after Thanksgiving.  He’s been sorely missed at events he’s attended for decades, such as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and annual Christmas Tree Lighting. 

Roker has been home since Dec 8, taking his recovery one day at a time. He admits that this surgery has been the most difficult to date but expresses gratitude for still being here. 

“It’s been a tough slog, I’m not going to deny this,” Roker said on Dec. 12. “This has been the hardest one yet — and you know, I’ve had my fair share of surgeries. But it gives you profound gratitude for this outpouring of prayers and thanks. I’m a very fortunate person.”

We’re glad to see one of our favorite TV personalities recovering and returning to our screens this year.

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