Bella Ramsey, Storm Reid On Love In The Last Of Us

Of course, this is still The Last of Us, where no one can really be too happy for too long, and the episode stays true to the tragic story of Left Behind, reinterpreting the scene in which Ellie and Riley both get bitten right after their first kiss, and Riley tells Ellie that she thinks they should spend every last second together and “lose our minds together.” It’s a heart-wrenching scene that defines Ellie and Riley’s relationship, and both actors felt the pressure of fan expectations while filming. “I definitely felt the pressure, ‘cause I know how important it is to so many people,” Ramsey says. “But I think the more that you think about it on the day, it stunts any emotions, it stunts the feelings. So, It was just a matter of letting that go a bit and just trusting each other.” Reid agrees, saying that while she wanted to “do the project justice,” she also wanted to be “open” to change.

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