Beyoncé’s World Tour Is Coming—Tips to Channel Her Makeup

The ensemble cast for the superstar seems to be fresh skin, an impactful lash, a glitter lid, and a liner. Of course, as a girl with hyperpigmentation, getting skin like Beyoncé’s seems impossible. However, Erin Lee Smith, beauty director and in-house artist for lifestyle-and-fashion boutique ByGeorge, says a less-is-more application—with a light hand and the right tools—can get us there. First, there’s skin prep. Typically, you’d start with a moisturizer, but in interviews, Sir John says he skips the moisturizer and goes straight to primer when prepping skin for concerts. 

Like my foundation and concealer, I tend to over-apply even primer. However, Smith says, “You don’t need much. Just a pump or two.” The key to primer doing its job well is letting it dry completely before applying your foundation. A foundation with long-wear technology is essential for long-lasting looks that stand up to dancing (and the occasional happy scream).

For a seamless, lightweight foundation application that doesn’t feel or look heavy, Smith says to first apply foundation with a foundation brush and then set it with a Beautyblender ($20). “You can really press in the product with a Beautyblender,” she tells us. “Just make sure it has a little moisture to it. You want the blender to be bouncy.” 

As for concealing blemishes and hyperpigmentation, Smith recommends layering a concealer that matches your skin tone on top. “You don’t want to put a spotlight on the blemish by using a color that is lighter than your face.” For application, she uses a small brush to cover the blemish with concealer and lightly powders to set it. 

As you’re evening out your skin tone, you may think it’s time to bake. Nope. In interviews, Sir John says he doesn’t bake; he cooks. His reasoning? Too much powder can actually age the skin. Instead, he uses a light dusting of loose powder to absorb the oil in the foundation, concealer, and T-zone. (Scroll to the end of the article to shop the exact formulas I’ll be packing to achieve the results explained above!)

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