Daily Paper’s New Collection Is A Moroccan Dream

Daily Paper

The Amsterdam-based Black-owned brand Daily Paper has just announced its Spring/Summer 2023 lookbook. The scene sets in North Africa and is entitled “Under the Same Moon,” serving as a love letter to nature’s teachings, generational knowledge being passed down, and language. The collection is inspired by North Africa’s heritage of artisanal and nomadic lifestyles, tribal culture, and the connection of its land and language.

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The collection features suiting with embroidered details, netted crotchet tops, and bottoms in green and red, the Moroccan flag’s colors. Artwork by Yasmin Elnour was translated onto several of the pieces with it printed on. The illustrations of a plant network symbolizes nature working with us to bring us nutrients and harmony in collaboration.

Daily Paper’s New Collection Is A Moroccan Dream
Daily Paper’s New Collection Is A Moroccan Dream

Vibrant colors and patterns fill this collection, bringing to life the Moroccan essence. Quiet luxury is a throughline in the collection, as cut and tailoring show great attention to detail with ruching, cinching, and structure. Pieces that fall on the casual side are of high quality.

Alongside the collection are the bags that we’ve been waiting for. The signature bags are restocked in white monogram print, and a new tote bag is in black. Other favorites that are getting new looks include quilted bags in “Odyssey Blue” and a mini bag in “Fresh Absinth Green.” New colorways of socks, bucket hats, and caps are also included in the new collection.

Daily Paper’s New Collection Is A Moroccan Dream

The collection will be available on February 10th at dailypaper.com.

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