Factors for Choosing Sunglasses That Fit Your Face Shape

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There are all kinds of sunglasses – from those that you can buy for little money, but also exclusive models for maximum protection. It cannot be said that all glasses are standardized and all offer quality protection for your eyes. That’s why you have to be careful when you buy. In fact, it is best to find a trusted seller and not experiment with models you are not sure of.

Sunglasses that offer perfect protection are not cheap at all, but the cost is well worth it. If you’re looking for great Lifestyle sunglasses, you have to know what your goal really is. Sometimes it can be different models, and other times the colors of the glasses. For effective protection against glare, you need a darker shade, especially if you have sensitive eyes. No matter how dark or light the glasses are, the tint does not affect UV protection.

What actually affects it is the filter, so you should look for UV-400-rated glasses. This means that they comply with standard manufacturing conditions and are safe to use. However, take this one with a grain of salt, because counterfeiters manage to make a copy of these tags as well.

If you are still not sure what type of glasses suits you, that is, what to choose according to the shape of your face, stay with us because we will share some important tips for an easier choice.

Round face

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A round face is characterized by incredible symmetry and fine lines. The face is spherical, so perhaps you should look for sunglasses with pronounced frames, for example, aviator style or any model with a rectangular frame.

A round face needs extra angles, so glasses that have sharp lines can create a great balance.

Oval face

Almost every model of glasses fits an oval face. It is very important not to choose glasses that are too wide, that is, the width of the frame should be similar to the widest part of the face.

In this case, it is important that the glasses are large, and you don’t have to worry about the rest because you can find a large selection.

Square face

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A square face is characterized by sharp edges of the jaw, a wide forehead, and almost even the width of the entire head.

Quite the opposite of a round face, try wearing oval-framed glasses on a square face. That way you soften the sharp edges of the face. You will not go wrong if you buy sunglasses with a wider frame, which visually lengthens the face.

A rectangular face

It is a similar shape to the square one, with a greater elongation of the facial part.

However, keep in mind the advice we gave for the oval face – make sure that the width of the glasses frame is not too large in relation to the cheek area.

A heart-shaped face

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A heart-shaped face has a broad forehead, prominent cheeks, and a narrow chin. To smooth the lines of the face, choose glasses that have sharp corners.

Oval glasses can make you look like an insect, so you should avoid them.

Additional tips for choosing sunglasses

Sometimes certain models of sunglasses are fashionable, but we are not sure if they are right for us, so we do not decide to buy them. Seasonal trends are a hit for some, but a miss for others, so you need to be moderate with that as well.

Sometimes as much as we want to wear something that’s trendy, we have to actually focus on the features we listed above.

Quality sunglasses are not only for attracting attention and complementing the look. They are also necessary protection against dangerous UV radiation, which, unfortunately, is already too much and protection against it is becoming more and more difficult. The eyes are ten times more sensitive to UV rays than the skin, and these rays can permanently damage vision.

How to choose glasses according to eye sensitivity?

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People with blue eyes are more sensitive to radiation. If you have bright eyes or are very sensitive for any reason, it is recommended to buy glasses from a well-known manufacturer that provides real UV protection from the sun. Choose a model that says 99% or 100% protection. Only they really protect.

If you look in a mirror and see your eyes through the glasses, then they will not block the light enough.

Remember that this is one of the basic rules for choosing glasses that really protect. If you can see your eyes in the mirror while wearing burberry glasses, then, unfortunately, you have only bought dark lenses, which offer no protection.

Buy glasses from an optician instead of on the street. Thus, you will receive advice from an expert, who will also help you choose a model that follows the features of your face.

In this way, you get a guarantee for the product you buy and for the quality of the glasses. And we are sure that you do not want to experiment with risky models. Instead, we recommend that you always buy from professional and verified sellers, even if it means that you will have to spend more money to have the best model of glasses.


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When buying sunglasses, the built-in protection, and their quality must be your priority. It is very easy to cause vision damage and never be able to cure it. We are sure that even in the cheaper models of glasses you can find something that meets the quality standards.

If you cannot find a suitable model of sunglasses, we recommend that you postpone the purchase for a better moment. Until then, you can wear a hat with a visor in front, which will offer good protection to your eyes.

And remember, as important as it is that your glasses fit you better, it’s much more important that they offer the protection you need. So sometimes you can and will have to compromise – but do it for your own good.

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