Fashion Editors Swear By These 14 Easy, Chic Styling Hacks

If there’s one thing that fashion editors and stylists do best, it’s put together a really good outfit, one full of unexpected touches that, whilst easy to put together, pack a lot of punch sartorially. Whether it’s the middle of a brutal NYC winter or the hottest day of the year, whenever I walk into a press event or even the Who What Wear offices, I know my fellow fashion people will be dressed in something worth copying. And it all comes down to styling.

Though many are prone to keeping their best styling secrets close to their chests, all it takes is one scroll through Instagram to visualize the hacks they use to take a look from good to great on a consistent basis, and oftentimes, they’re far simpler than they look. From throwing a cool belt on top of an otherwise shapeless dress or coat to layering a tissue-thin turtleneck underneath a crew-neck sweater or button-down shirt for added dimension, the easiest and chicest looks are just a few creative tweaks to your dressing routine away. Well, that and perhaps one good shopping trip and some deep dives into your own wardrobe. Don’t worry, I’ve handled that first part below. 

Scroll down for 14 styling hacks that are sure to get you that effortless look that fashion editors are known for. 

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