I Bought These 6 Trends When Spring-Cleaning My Closet

Even though it’s the first days of February, I’m not going to lie, my mind is already on the first days of spring. As the year begins to approach March and April, organizing my closet is the first thing on my mind as I rotate my wardrobe from the fall and winter to spring and summer. I’m type A by nature, and nothing is more relaxing to me than spring-cleaning.

After moving into an apartment with smaller closets and turning over my wardrobe in the New Year, I’m back for round two. As a fashion editor, I try and buy so many trends to write about every month, but for every look I incorporate into my wardrobe, something else in my rotation has to give. With limited closet space, spring trends have to be good ones to stick around—and the ones that don’t are heading to the chopping block (read: my friends’ wardrobes, who love coming over and raiding mine).

Below, six spring trends I’m adding to my closet or keeping, and six that I’m gleefully saying goodbye to.

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