I Stepped Into H&M to Shop—See What Affordable Finds Hit

I’ll admit it—I haven’t stepped in to shop at H&M in a very long time. It’s always fairly crowded at my local mall, and since I’m already scanning new arrivals online for work, I tend to keep my horizons to the digital marketplace. But sometimes I do miss the touch and feel of clothes and find myself shuffling through the crowds on 5th Ave or taking to the suburbs for a local mall trip. After picking up a few things for myself, I knew I had to share some of my finds before they sell out.

While I wish I could take every WWW reader shopping with me, I found a good chunk of what I found IRL on the site so you could join in on the fun. I also couldn’t help but add some of my own online finds in the mix because if you haven’t noticed, H&M is looking particularly good right now. To see my finds for yourself, continue scrolling.  


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