I Tested TikTok-Viral Blushes—This One Was the Very Best

I have a thing for blush. Maybe it’s the storied history of it or maybe it’s the glamorous associations I have with it, but it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite makeup products to use. That, in itself, is crazy, considering I used to avoid it altogether. You see, I’ve struggled with redness and rosacea for most of my life, and the thought of exacerbating the flushed look wasn’t something I found very appealing. It wasn’t until I entered my late-20s that I realized the power and potential of blush. When placed correctly, it doesn’t accentuate my redness; instead, it brightens up my complexion, whisks away dullness, and makes me look, well, alive. 

I also recently joined TikTok, which means I’ve been spending a gross amount of time scrolling through videos—many of which happen to be the review and the get-ready-with-me type. What I’ve noticed is that the majority of TikTok-viral makeup products are blush. Whether cream, liquid, or oil (more on that last one in a minute), TikTokers can’t get enough of them. So, as any good beauty editor would do, I decided to test them all, pitting the products against one another to find the best of the best. Ahead, see every blush I tested, what they look like IRL, and which one was the winner (hint: even I was surprised at the result). 

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