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We are always on the lookout for unique jewelry that says something special. While there’s nothing wrong with just liking a brand’s aesthetics, if there’s a deeper meaning behind the pieces, we’re going to stop and take a second look. Take, for example, gorgeous 14K gold pieces that are designed to commemorate big moments in your life and even to act as daily reminders for inner strength and mental health. Best known for its antique-inspired coin pendants, Jane Win‘s products hold real emotional weight; according to the brand’s mission statement they’re designed to be a “talisman for milestone moments and a reminder to focus on all you hope to achieve in life.” For a limited time, shop all of Jane Win’s super high-quality jewelry for 15% off. Using the exclusive promo code REFINERY15, R29 readers get to take advantage of this super deal. If you simply don’t know which piece to get at a discount, keep scrolling to see our top picks that are totally worth the deal.

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