Keke Palmer Explores The Metaverse With ‘Are We There Yet?’

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Keke Palmer had an amazing 2022. Only a few months after starring in Jordan Peele’s box-office smash Nope, she hosted Saturday Night Live and announced her pregnancy on national television. As this award-winning actress’ star continued to rise, she embarked on a new endeavor – the metaverse.

The YouTube series Are We There Yet? premiered last year, and now it’s back with three all-new episodes. With this show, Palmer takes road trips into the metaverse while chatting with the most interesting creators, educators and experts to find out where the metaverse stands now and what’s coming in the future.

WATCH: Keke Palmer Explores The Metaverse With ‘Are We There Yet?’
Courtesy of Meta

During this new string of content, Keke shines light on the exciting future of music, sports and gaming in the metaverse with special guests NFL pro Andrew “Hawk” Hawkins who shows how to train in the shoes of a pro athlete in VR games, Immersive Media Director Brenda Chen who builds virtual concerts for musicians, and Camouflaj Ryan Payton who created the Iron Man VR game and shares the future about speech-to-speech AI driven real-time auto translations.

Are We There Yet? explores how virtual concerts bring music experiences to more people; how VR can break accessibility barriers in sports so anyone can experience the thrill of playing in an NFL game; and how immersive VR gaming can create new social connections across different languages. 

Take a look at the new episodes here.

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