Lori Harvey Addresses Fans Criticizing Her Chemistry With Damson Idris

Emmanuel Sanchez Monsalve

Lori Harvey is usually mute when the internet is talking, but she recently had time to address the critics. 

A social media commenter on Instagram had something to say about a photo of Harvey and current flame Damson Idris on the red carpet at the Snowfall Season 6 premiere

“No chemistry. Look how far apart they’re standing. Lol,” the commenter wrote under the Instagram picture. 

Harvey responded saying, “Or maybe I just had on body makeup and told him don’t stand too close to me because I didn’t want to get it on his suit lol,” the 26-year-old influencer wrote. “Yall try to find a problem with everything,” she concluded with a laughing emoji. 

The 26-year-old is often on the receiving end of plenty of chatter regarding her dating life, but she’s done a good job of being unbothered over the years. She has dated high-profile celebrities such as rapper Future and actor Michael B. Jordan, her last boyfriend. 

In an interview with Adrienne Houghton back In January, the model said she finds the many misconceptions floating around about her online to be humorous. 

“It’s so funny, because I’m so quiet, there’s been so many stories that have been made up about me,” she said at the time. “I’ve seen stories about me being fully in love with somebody and we have this whole relationship and I’ll see the guy, and I’m like, ‘I’ve actually never even met him before.’”

She continued, “I’ve heard I dated a father and son before. Absolutely not true. I’ve even heard that I’m a lesbian at one point. So you know, there’s been a lot of different things, a lot of stories, a lot of misconceptions.”

Some people believe Harvey was referring to rumors that she dated both Diddy and his son Justin Combs in the past.

Idris, 31, and Harvey made their relationship public in January and have been spotted loving on each other several times since then. 

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