Mixing Wellness And Work? Tread Carefully

Still, in the GWS report, they predicted that in 2023, workplace wellness may finally be “going from a false promise to a meaningful plan of action.” This starts with the burgeoning four-day workweek, but doesn’t end there. More employers are providing not just more vacation time, but access to mental health care, fertility treatments, elder care for those taking care of aging loved ones, and more, says Beth McGroarty, GWS’s VP of Research. Looking forward health plans are expected to cover “psychedelic therapy” as a workplace benefit, too. “Enthea, the first provider of insurance plans for psychedelic healthcare… [has plans that] currently cover ketamine therapy, and will expand to include MDMA and psilocybin-assisted therapies as they become FDA-approved in the coming years,” the report notes. 

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