Mood-Boosting Dopamine Decor For Spring:

If your parents ever busted into your dark, angst-ridden teenage bedroom like the Kool-Aid man, flung open the blinds, and drenched the walls in sunlight to help you survive the everyday woes of puberty, you may know that your surroundings can affect your mood. And your mom was definitely onto something when she refused to let you paint your walls black to reflect your soul. One 2014 study on the impact of color on the moods of college students found that colors can affect people’s moods, and even make them feel things like “warm, cool, calm, invited, relaxed, or uninvited.” While colors don’t have universal meaning and connotations can vary across cultures, other studies have borne out evidence that color can, indeed, affect how you feel. This is all to say that, at the very least, a little dopamine decor never hurt nobody.

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