Predicting the Premier League Title Race: Who Are Now the Favorites?


English Premier League definitely is the most interesting competition in the world. Fans desperately waited for the World Cup so they could once again follow their favorite teams. It is not a secret that all EPL teams have fans around the globe and not just in England. That is probably the main reason why this competition is so valuable.

Playing in this league is some sort of privilege itself, isn’t it? On the other hand, winning the Premier League title is one of the biggest achievements any football player could imagine. But, only 20 matches have been played so far, and it is still unfair to say who will manage to reach the goal.


However, that doesn’t mean we do not have the right to make predictions. As sports experts as well as good researchers that love to hear the opinions of other professionals, we have decided to make the list of teams that have the highest chances of winning the title.

We do not want to say our predictions are correct. Keep in mind that all teams have equal chances to win every single game. That’s the main reason why we believe this is the strongest league of all. But, to make things interesting, we suggest people continue reading our article and potentially figure out alone who will end up in first place after 34 rounds. Let’s go!

Arsenal: The Main Favorite


If you have been following Premier League for many years, then you know that Arsenal hasn’t had a good season for years. Only 5 years ago, no one would believe you that this team could be at the top of this list. However, it seems that Arteta has managed to find the right formula that will change the entire team completely.

Let’s look at the statistics. First and foremost, it is worth mentioning that Arsenal has lost only one game so far. They have managed to win 16 of them (and some of them were pretty easy). With 50 points (while we are writing this article), they do deserve to be at the top of this list.

Although the team really has some leaders, there is no reason to highlight any of the players from the squad. We must praise all the players (including those on the bench) for managing to create a beautiful atmosphere in the locker room. Of course, we are 100% Arteta’s influence is the main reason why something like that has happened.

In the end, we must remind people that Arsenal in the past had some wonderful seasons as well. However, they didn’t manage to win the title. That is the reason why we do not give them a 100% chance. But, we also need to say that circumstances were pretty different back then. So, we will see if they will manage to break the curse this year.

Manchester City


Arsenal and Manchester City, if you ask us, have equal chances of winning the title. Just because they are 5+ points behind Arsenal, that doesn’t mean they won’t be a serious competition for the club from London. Plus, they have fantastic players, especially a striker who has managed to score 25 goals so far. We are pretty sure Haaland will break all the records this season.

Because of Haaland and the crew, Manchester City, as usual, has the biggest number of goals scored. They have been dominating this competition for a number of years, and we are pretty sure neither the team nor the coach lacks the motivation to repeat the same thing.

We expect an even stronger attack in the last months of the season. The defeat they had in the Manchester derby didn’t negatively influence them as they continued with victories after that. Our team believes the same trend will continue in the near future.

Manchester United


The season started pretty badly for Manchester United. Plus, Ronaldo went which caused some problems within the team. They haven’t lost quality, but people were talking about Manchester, and the coach often had to talk in press conferences about some irrelevant and non-football things.

However, Ten Hag definitely is a football expert as well as an amazing motivator. Many people believe this has been the last chance for Manchester to improve and do something. It turns out the last chance has been used appropriately. Ten Hag established a system that works amazingly, and he set up a base for the future progress of the team.

Manchester’s management has finally chosen the right coach that has the capacity, energy, and knowledge to meet the club’s goals. If luck is on their side, and they continue to play well, we are pretty sure they will manage to win the title after many years.



Not a long time ago, Newcastle was investing a lot of energy to stay in Premier League. After the new owners bought the club, the revolution within the club started. A lot of money was invested in new players, and we are sure the same trend will continue.

But, a bag of money isn’t playing football. The right scouting managers were hired, and they brought some pretty good players. Newcastle and Arsenal are the only teams that have only one loss. Newcastle, on the other hand, has the best defensive records this season.

The only reason why they are currently in third place is the lack of options for attack. If they bring a good striker during this transfer, they may manage to surprise. If they reach the Champions League group stage, they will definitely manage to hire an amazing forward player and fix the mistakes from this season.


Now after you read our predictions, you may want to choose one of the websites reviewed on Asianbookie Bandar Bola and test your luck. You can even try to predict on your own who has the highest chance of winning the title. These four teams will probably fight for the title until the end. Totenhem may surprise as well, but they need to improve a lot of things. What’s your opinion?

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