Puma Launches ‘Forever. Classic’ Campaign With Help From Zaya Wade


On February 21, global sports company Puma unveiled the FOREVER.CLASSIC campaign featuring actors Angus Cloud, Caleb McLaughlin, Iris Apatow, and model Zaya Wade. The FOREVER.CLASSIC campaign celebrates and unites Puma’s most iconic and legendary products, including the Puma Suede, Clyde, Cali, Mayze and more. The FOREVER.CLASSIC platform brings together those pushing culture forward by engaging creatives from different walks of life. That includes actors and content creators as well as athletes and musicians sharing their stories of how they found their way.

Puma Launches ‘Forever. Classic’ Campaign With Help From Zaya Wade

We can’t help but notice how amazing and confident Wade looks in the campaign; from her hair to the poses, she’s honoring herself and her identity. The aspiring model took to Instagram to express her excitement about the campaign, saying, “Loved shooting the #ForeverClassic campaign with PUMA.”

Wade’s decision to be a part of the campaign had much to do with the company’s commitment to the things she embodies and supports. “I love Puma’s celebration of brave, confident, and determined individuals,” Wade told WWD. “Together, we all strive to be better versions of ourselves, and this is the perfect meeting of classic and individual style.”

Puma Launches ‘Forever. Classic’ Campaign With Help From Zaya Wade

Wade is no stranger to confidence and bravery, as she has navigated embracing her full self in the public eye, despite the opinions of those who take issue with her transgender identity. In a 2022 interview with stepmother Gabrielle Union for the Dove Self-Esteem Project, she opened up about how she has been impacted by detrimental beauty advice online.

“As a trans person, once I came out, there were a lot of hateful comments about how I should grow my hair out long or fit into a certain version of femininity, even though that’s not true at all,” she explains. “That kind of advice is just trying to break you, but don’t let it,” she said.

We look forward to seeing Wade’s modeling career blossom. She previously turned heads as part of a campaign for Tiffany and Co.

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