R29 Editors Review Harper Wilde’s Luxe & Comfy Bras & U

“As a longtime G cup, my bra problems are not what you might think. It’s actually fairly easy to track down a good underwire bra in a wide variety of styles. Finding a good bralette or workout bra — that’s the challenge. You might think a more stretchy, less structured bra would be easier to make work, but I run into two issues: racerback straps and a lack of support. Racerback straps make up nearly every kind of stretchy bra out there, and I get why: The lift is supportive and flattering. But it also digs into my shoulders and causes serious muscle aches. Then, there’s the support: Without a nice band, supportive straps, or moulded cups, a lot of bralettes just don’t do much on larger boobs. So I was genuinely thrilled that the Harper Wilde Lounge Bra was: 1. a comfortable scoop back and 2. actually full coverage while still being cute. It’s definitely more of an ‘around the house’ bra since it’s not really compressive enough for workouts, but it provided soft support for a day spent lounging around in my bathrobe. I followed the size guide and ordered an XL, which fit well, though I maybe could have gone a size up.

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