Reviewed: The L’Oréal Paris True Match Foundation

The history of the formula: True Match has been around for over 20 years. It first hit drugstore shelves back in 1994 and has been a hit for L’Oréal ever since. L’Oréal’s AVP of scientific communications, Balanda Atis, breaks it down, saying, “This foundation has stood the test of time because of the continuous research we’ve done to understand our consumer needs. In developing the formula, our team of scientists worked to make sure the texture and performance of the formula is relevant for our consumers today. We also have studied skin tones for many years to understand the tones that are appropriate for skin around the world.”

What makes this formula unique: True Match is now formulated with up to six different pigments including white, yellow, red, red, black, ultramarine blue, and cobalt green to help you find your most precise skin match. Using these pigments, it’s able to adapt to any skin color and texture. Atis also says, “True Match is unique because we utilized science to create a formula that our consumers can rely on to deliver superior performance and a match that fits their skin. Our moisturizing formula now has hyaluronic acid, which enhances the skin’s own ability to retain moisture for long-lasting hydration.”

Why makeup artists love it: Celebrity makeup artist Lisa Aharon also shares a love for True Match. “First and foremost, they really executed the color range beautifully,” she says. “The product itself is fantastic for its variable coverage, natural finish, and long-lasting formula. I think the versatility and shade range plays a major factor in its popularity among artists.”

Expert application tips: Aharon says, “When speaking to application, I most often express that your comfortability with a tool is most important. You can press foundation in with your fingertips, stipple a wet blender into the skin, or pat it on with a foundation brush. Whatever feels easiest for you—they all work!”

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