Shopping at Banana Republic Has Never Been Cooler Than Ever

Just like the rest of the Gen Z fashion crowd, TikTok is my go-to source for all things trends and style. Sure, I get inspiration from the runways and my favorite celebrities, but the real magic happens on the clock app. This month’s conversation the teens are partaking in? Banana Republic, the glossy retailer associated with the mid-2000s, is back, and frankly, much better than it’s ever been. 

Over the last few years, brands our mothers used to shop at have made a surprising comeback amongst millennials and Gen Z. Take J. Crew and Puma, whose recent appointments of younger, trendier female CEOs have injected their respective brands with some good ‘ol saccharine energy, revitalizing labels who haven’t seen this much buzz in years. Banana Republic is the latest re-emerging retailer to enter the mix, with edgy, Western-inspired flares and styles that will convert any cool girl. If everyone’s favorite horse girl Kendall Jenner is on your mood board, Banana Republic has you covered. Only time will tell how much footing Banana Republic is going to gain over the next few months, but based on the number of items sold out this month already, I wouldn’t be surprised if it continues to take off for the rest of the year.

Below, shop all of the best Banana Republic pieces I did while on a deep-dive of the site’s new offerings and best-sellers section. Happy shopping!

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