Sunday Citizen Home Decor Launch 2022

Okay, I fibbed. The Cusco Throw Blanket went from the packaging to a cold cotton cycle in my in-unit washing machine (New York City flex), to a medium heat tumble in my in-unit dryer (New York City flex again) as instructed by Sunday Citizen, before finally arriving at the sofa that suddenly felt like a bed. What I mean by this is that, when wrapped up in it, I feel as comfy and relaxed as I do tucked beneath the covers in my bedroom. The couch plays a role, but so does the cuddly nature of the Cusco collection. The material? Low-maintenance, breathable microfiber known as Sunday Citizen’s signature Snug fabric. The collection inspiration? The “Rainbow Mountains” of the Andean landscape, according to Sunday Citizen representatives (the print is pretty spot on, I must say).

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