The 7 Best British Perfume Brands, Hands Down

While France is renowned for its perfume industry, with some of the famous perfumeries hail on UK soil. British perfumers are beginning to shake things up, with industry heavyweights such a Jo Malone London long flying the flag and more niche perfume brands stepping on the scene. British perfume brands are expanding and creating scents to meet the standards of even the most sophisticated noses. 

”Fragrance is still dominated by France, and for good reason—they have a long history of amazing perfumers and fragrance production,” says Ruth Mastenbroek, founder of Ruth Mastenbroek Perfumer London. “We have so much amazing natural beauty on our British shores, and it is this perspective that I feel British perfumery can bring to the world. I am inspired by my surroundings and family connections who originate from across the British Isles; a Welsh mother, Irish grandmother, English father and Scottish ancestors. I feel compelled to tell the story of my own life experiences and to conjure this up through unexpected and original fragrances” she explains.  

Perfumes are certainly subjective, yet some brands seem to always knock it out of the park, think the likes of Chanel, Le Labo and Hermès, to name but a few. However, the British perfumery industry is hot on their tails, with not only long standing brands but new talent making a mark for  themselves within the industry and among consumers. 

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