The 8 Best Dry Body Oils for Residue-Free Moisture

I like to play the long game in my beauty routine. That means I don’t necessarily go for products that provide instant results. Instead, I’m interested in using time-tested things like retinol, peptides, and most importantly, sunscreen. Sure, these things might not provide instant gratification, but they offer long-term benefits that accumulate with age. 

I take the same approach when it comes to bodycare. To me, daily moisture is one of the simplest, easiest ways to care for skin and keep it firm, plump, and supple. That’s why I’m loyal to using body lotion and body oil (sometimes at the same time—layer the former under the latter, and I promise you’ll have the smoothest, softest skin). 

I’m no stranger to thick and greasy formulations, and to be completely honest, I don’t mind them, because they tend to offer the most intense moisturizing benefits. However, I get it when people say they want something residue-free. After all, if you’re a morning-shower person and you’ll be getting dressed shortly after using body oil, you want something that sinks into your skin fast. (Is there anything worse than trying to pull on your jeans over oily legs?) That’s where dry body oil comes in. This category of body oil is lightweight and fast-absorbing and often leaves a matte finish on the skin. Translation? It won’t leave your skin feeling like an oil slick. Keep scrolling to see the eight best body oils in the game. 

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