The Latest Millennial Fashion and Style Trends to have on your radar in 2023


And we have officially entered 2023. Wondering what can you expect? One thing is for sure, you can expect a whole lot of exciting fashion and style trends. What we will wear in the coming months was determined by the fashion shows of major world designers, and famous faces showed us how we can combine pieces that will be popular in 2023.

As all of you already know, fashion trends tend to go back and forth, with only slight modifications. This year is no different, as fashion trends that we forgot in the early 2000s are coming back to the big door. Some of them are characterized by a simple fashion statement, and we can conclude that liberalism in clothing will be the main fashion trend.

So, what are the latest millennial trends we’ll be wearing in the coming months? Well, we will see pieces like skimpy outfits, and striking colors, but also wide models, such as cargo pants, in which we have already had the opportunity to see many famous women. Some trends, however, will dominate the market, and we have decided to single out a few.

Read below which trends will dominate shopping centers, catwalks, and our wardrobes in the year ahead.

Transparent pieces

Our body is our home, why not show it off? Many women will be guided by that motto, and we can already notice that transparent fabrics have left the catwalks and red carpets and moved to the street. For those of you who do not like to show off a lot of skin, discreet transparent pieces of quality clothing can be worn in a way not to attract too much attention. Also, under a transparent top, you can always choose to wear an effective bra that will not reveal much.

Head-to-toe denim


Famous world designers agree – in 2023, there cannot be too much denim. So far, we have already had the opportunity to see trendsetters wearing denim from head to toe, and it seems that we will see it more and more often in the new year. Dresses, pants, jackets – and even underwear, we can’t wait to see the latest fashion combinations where the timeless material will be the main star.

Cargo pants

For all lovers of the urban look, wide trousers with pockets will be one of their favorite pieces of clothing. A forgotten fashion trend from another era slowly made its way among the latest trends and stood out as one of those that we will be happy to wear in 2023. If you have managed to save some of your old wardrobes from the early 2000’s you’ll be pulling them out of the closet this year.

Glitter day and night


In the new 2023 fashion year, designers say, sequins will move from catwalks, red carpets, and festive occasions to the streets, so we will have the opportunity to see glittering combinations on women who go out for coffee or shopping. If you have any glittery pieces left over from the reception you once went to, you will wear them on a casual occasion in the coming months.

Maxi skirts

Maxi skirts will push petite ones out of our closets. In the coming months, according to experts, we will see more good materials than slender legs. Formal, sporty, simple, or glamorous, long skirts will be an absolute fashion hit that we look forward to.

Playful ruffles

The most feminine trend that awaits us next season is certainly playful ruffles that can look glamorous if you wear them on special occasions, but also subtle if you opt for frills in your everyday combinations. From ruffles on skirts and dresses to those on sleeves, ruffles are a fun way to highlight your style and depending on your personal preferences, you can opt for smaller ones, as well as for slightly larger and more effective ones.

Are you bold enough to wear cobalt blue?


There will be a lot of bold colors around, and along with magenta, which dominated the runways and red carpets this year, cobalt blue will be especially popular. Subtle enough for everyday and glamorous enough for formal occasions, we’ll be seeing a lot of dark blue this year. The striking blue looks great on dresses, jackets, and trousers, so we’ve no doubt we’ll be embracing it in the coming months.

Some trends from fall 2022 will transcend into 2023

One of the biggest fashion trends in colors during the fall will remain a firm favorite for next year as well. Purple in all its shades graced everything from casual suits to special occasion pieces at Fashion Weeks, and it looks like purple tones will continue to be a fashion must-have. There are those gentle, pastel shades, as well as those that are richer and darker, and next season we will see purple everywhere – from dresses to fashion accessories.

Jewelry trends


Investing in jewelry is always a good idea because a good pair of earrings or a beautiful bracelet adds the finishing touch to any outfit. They are also the most adaptable fashion pieces that can be worn throughout the year.

So, what should you concentrate on this year? As far as the materials go, silver is coming back. It seems that the gold that dominated the past seasons is falling into the background as cooler silver tones were more often seen at fashion shows.

Also, seashells. We saw shells last summer season on many trendsetters, and it seems that their reign is just beginning. They are perfect for summer outfits, and they totally improve your mood because as soon as you see them, you think of the sea, the sun, and the carefreeness of the warm months.

Pearls are also coming back, so if you have some pearl jewelry your mother used to wear, it’s a great time to add it to your jewelry box.

Finally, we have given you enough hints about what’s going to be hip this year. It’s on you now to dig through your old 2000-era clothes and see what you can use.

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