Tips for Buying a Designer Handbag


A beautiful designer handbag is going to make you feel good, and it is surely going to get you lots of compliments and adoring glances, whether you are on a night out in the city or are shopping. Buying a new designer bag has to be a process that you enjoy. To make sure your designer handbag purchase goes as smoothly as possible, here are a few tips that you may wish to follow.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

When you are purchasing a designer handbag, you always want to base your decision on quality over quantity. You want to purchase one very good handbag, instead of several, especially if you are pushing it as a future investment. Designer handbags often use the best materials and products in their production and design, and this is what you are paying for. Quality is often found in the handcrafted pieces, and in the hours of labor spent constructing a bag. When you focus on purchasing quality over quantity, you can be sure that you get a handbag that looks good and lasts.

Always Purchase from a Retailer or Designer


To have the best purchasing experience possible, you need to purchase only from a trusted retailer or designer. When you purchase from a verified website or store you can ensure you are purchasing authentic handbags. For example, at, you can browse and purchase designer and couture handbags easily, and with peace of mind and security. You know that you are purchasing genuine items, and you know that you are getting quality. This ultimately means that you can spend time deciding which handbag to purchase. Not having to worry about authenticity provides peace of mind.

Look at Limited Edition Collections


Designers often introduce limited collections or editions of handbags, and this may be something you are interested in purchasing and investing in. For example, they may produce a classic range of evening clutches, but these may be embellished as part of a limited edition collection. Within limited edition collections, you will find that there will be lower numbers of handbags created, and this will mean they cost slightly more. However, you can also be sure that you are getting something slightly different, and more unique.

Setting a Budget

All designers will have varying price ranges for their collections, and this is why it helps to have a budget in mind before shopping. When you set a budget, you can then focus your shopping and your search efforts. To establish a budget, think about when you will use your new designer purchase. For instance, is it going to be used solely during the day for work, or will it be perfect for those special occasions throughout the year?

Choose a Handbag That Goes with Several Outfits


As designer handbags are considered major purchases, you want to be sure that whatever you purchase goes with several outfits and looks. You want a designer handbag to be versatile to ensure you use it (and wear it) as much as possible. To make sure this happens, you need to open your wardrobe or closet and see what outfits you have to work with. When you have a good idea of your style and the colors you like, then you can narrow down your selection on choice, style, and pattern.

Focus on Designers with a Fabulous Reputation

To ensure your handbag holds its value, you want to always focus on purchasing from those designers that hold a fabulous reputation. This may mean looking at what designers are popular with those celebrities. Or, it may mean looking at those brands and designers that have been established for a longer period. You always want to be proud of the designer you are wearing, and you want to be associated with a designer that makes you feel good too. So, take your time to find out which designer best aligns with your thoughts and values, and then, when you are wearing (and using) your new handbag, you will feel even better.

See a Designer Handbag as an Investment


Rushing into purchasing a designer handbag is never a good idea. Taking your time to make the right purchase is therefore crucial. To ensure this happens, you need to see a designer handbag as an investment. See it as something you will love and use for many years to come and as something that you will not want to part with for many years to come. A designer bag as an investment will, of course, be something that you use and enjoy. However, it will be something that you take extra care of, and perhaps even get professionally cleaned.

Ask Family and Friends for Their Recommendations

You may find it useful to reach out and see which designer products family and friends love and wear. Even if you do not have the same tastes and likes as family and friends, you will find that you can learn a lot about a brand, and the quality on offer. Family and friends may be able to give you their reviews and recommendations on the quality and finish of a designer’s product, especially if they have been wearing that designer for many years. Also, looking at online reviews and recommendations can be worthwhile. Reviews can help you see what designers you should be steering clear of and why.

Do Not Settle

You want your designer bag to be a purchase that you thoroughly love and enjoy all of the time, and to make sure this happens, you need to ensure you do not settle. Do not settle or compromise on the designers you are looking at and do not settle for buying second-hand when you want to buy new. If you settle or compromise, you may well find you are not as in love with your purchase. Creating a wish list for your purchasing, and making sure you know what you want (and why), will ensure you never have to settle.

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