Try These 8 Fashion Pieces in the New Year


With the new year coming up, many of us like to use this time to reset and refresh. Some people will be taking on a new fitness routine, planning ways to save money, or mapping out their goals for the year.

But one of the best ways to come into the new year feeling like a new version of yourself is with a wardrobe reset. If you want to find some new pieces to get you motivated to reach your goals, we have put together a list of everything you should add to your closet for 2023. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Loose-Fitting Dress Pants


This style has nearly overtaken the ever-popular boyfriend jean when it comes to pants. Loose-fitting slacks have been taking over because of their effortlessly classy style, comfort and movability, and their versatility.

You can wear them with sneakers and a tee-shirt to dress them down, or pair them with heels and a nice top for a more elegant style. These pants are a must-have for just about anyone.

2. Kimono


The kimono has been around for years and has fluctuated in popularity. While the designs have changed a bit over time, the classic kimono style keeps coming back for a reason.

They are the perfect way to add a light and relaxed layer to any outfit in the warmer months, or they can be used as a bathing suit cover up. Try out a kimono for the spring and summer months this year.

3. Corsets

Corset tops have been trending largely due to the return of Bridgerton. This popular show influenced numerous brands to reinvent what was once a piece of lingerie into a fashionable outerwear style.

You can find corset tops in a variety of styles and textures and at a range of price points. Some of the popular styles are satin, chiffon, and bandage styles. These tops are also perfect for spring so make sure to pick one up for the coming months.

4. White Button-Down


Classic and timeless, you can never go wrong with a plain white button-down. If you don’t already have one of these in your wardrobe, the new year is the perfect time to purchase this versatile fashion piece.

The oversized style has been particularly popular as you can wear them with just about anything. They also work for just about every season, so you will be sure to get a ton of use out of this piece.

5. Loungewear Sets


What was once seen as an at-home or workout-only outfit is now considered one of the most versatile and popular fashion items. Loungewear sets have been on trend for years now and we don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon. They are comfortable, can be dressed up or down, and come in a range of colors, patterns, and styles. You really can’t go wrong with a good loungewear set, so if you can only invest in a couple new pieces, this is one to consider.

6. Biker Shorts

The rise of athletic wear being worn as street wear has not only brought on the popularity of loungewear sets, but also biker shorts. While this item was once elusively worn by, you guessed it, bikers, it is now a part of many popular street style outfits. As the weather starts to warm up this spring and summer, you definitely want to make sure you have a go-to pair of biker shorts on hand.

7. Mary-Janes


Mary-Janes are expected to be a big trend in the new year. Many of us remember these shoes when they were popular during our childhoods, but this popular shoe is making a comeback for its classic style and wearability. We have also been seeing this style in a chunky heel, which puts a unique and modern spin on this recognizable shoe.

8. White Sneakers

This is another trend that has been around for a couple years now, but we have yet to see it wane in popularity. While there has been some variance in specific styles, the concept of white sneakers isn’t going anywhere. They can be worn with any athletic wear or they can be used to dress down a more upscale look.

Shopping Tips


Shopping for new fashion pieces is something that can both be exciting and daunting. Whether you are looking to revamp your wardrobe or add a few staple pieces, it’s important to understand the key factors that will help make shopping easier. Let’s discuss some tips so you can hit the ground running this upcoming year!

  • Know Your Body Type: Before deciding what clothing items will work best for your body shape, you should get familiar with various silhouette styles and figure out which ones will best flatter your body type.
  • Shop Strategically: With the overwhelming amount of options available today, it’s more important to go in with a shopping plan in order to maximize your budget for better quality items. Look for classic basics that won’t go out of style and focus on investing in timeless pieces as opposed to trends that will come and go quickly.
  • Learn Styling Tricks and Combinations: Most people own a good amount of clothing but don’t actually use all of them often because they don’t know how to combine them in an aesthetically pleasing way or make them multi-functional. Try different combinations and play around with the different ways each piece can be styled!
  • Take Care Of Your Clothing: Ensure you’re washing your clothes properly and using appropriate detergents to prevent damage – especially when it comes to luxury fabrics such as silk or cashmere! Make sure you read care tags when buying new pieces of clothing so you know how best to care for them.

A Fashion Reset


Try out a couple of these fashion pieces so you can head into the New Year in style. There is nothing quite like a new outfit to help boost your self-confidence. And an increase in self-confidence is known to help you feel motivated and excited to reach all of your goals in the New Year.

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