Tyler Perry Reportedly Set To Give $2.75M To Senior Citizens On The Verge Of Losing Their Homes Due To Gentrification In Atlanta

Tyler Perry has proven time and time again that his heart is as big as his fortune. His latest move is no exception.

According to several reports, the director, producer, writer and businessman is tackling the housing crisis in Atlanta, particualrly how it’s affecting the elderly.

As reported by the Associated Press , Perry is set to donate $2.5 million to keep senior citizens in their homes. The outlet reported he reached out to Mayor Andrew Dickens to strategize around financial relief to low-income residents at risk of losing their housing due to inflated real estate taxes.

Reportedly, the philanthropist is laying plans to pay property taxes for 300 low-income senior citizens to circumvent the looming displacement.

The outlet also reported that his $2.5 million donation, will take care of city, county and school taxes. This is on top of the $750,000 he’s already given to cover to cover back taxes and the additional $500,000 he’s pledged to give over the next four years. He said he will also cover any increase in taxes over the next 20 years for 100 low-income seniors.

The donation will be handled by nonprofit Invest Atlanta Partnership.

“Atlanta’s growth and prosperity should not come at the expense of our legacy residents—many of whom have been priced out of their homes in previous years,” a statement from Mayor Dickens’ office read according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It continued: “Tyler Perry has been engaged in our ongoing conversations around legacy resident retention, and he told me he wanted to do something to support these efforts. Thanks to his generosity, more Atlantans will be able to remain in the communities they built.”

The donation will be administered by Invest Atlanta Partnership, the nonprofit sector of Atlanta’s economic development authorit

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