WATCH: Lala Anthony, Da’Vinci, and Sydney Mitchell On Creating ‘BMF’s New Love Triangle

The actors discuss deepening the story of Terry Flenory and the ladies in his life

BMF returns for season 2 on Starz January 6, adding another layer to the saga of the Flenory brothers’ now-infamous drug empire. Season two finds Terry Flenory, portrayed on-screen by Da’Vinci, faced with opportunities to live a law-abiding life with a new business and his long-time girlfriend Lawanda (Sydney Mitchell) and their child, but tempted by a new love interest and the call of the streets.

“We’re definitely experiencing a more sexy side to Terry Flenory,” Da’Vinci tells ESSENCE. “He’s definitely going to start being a little more independent in season 2, so that’s exciting.”

“My character, in season one, she’s kind of more innocent and staying home with the kids,” Mitchell said. “In this season, she’s starting to change a little bit and she’s not going to continue to be as loyal and just sit around and let him treat her however.”

WATCH: Lala Anthony, Da’Vinci, and Sydney Mitchell On Creating ‘BMF’s New Love Triangle

Lala Anthony joins the cast as Markaisha Taylor, a local car service desk rep with advice for Terry as he navigates his new career, and a keen eye on him as he graces her office on a daily basis. For Anthony, it was a welcome change of pace to join the cast as a recurring character after making a brief cameo in season one.

“With these characters, it’s nice to be able to dive fully and not just pop up for an episode here and pop up for an episode there,” Anthony says. “It really gave me time to grow the character and grow this relationship between Markaisha and Terry, which takes on a lot of different twists and turns.”

WATCH: Lala Anthony, Da’Vinci, and Sydney Mitchell On Creating ‘BMF’s New Love Triangle

For Da’Vinci, a relative newcomer when BMF premiered, the show has provided ample opportunity for more roles in acting. Now, having starred in Broadway’s Thoughts of a Colored Man, he comes into season 2 even more well-versed and equipped with new tools to tackle his role.

“I just want to explore the character more, make different choices, and grow more with the character,” he says. “The dopest part about Season 2 is how both Terry and me as a person are growing at the same time. He was doing things that he’s never done before, and I was doing things on screen and in person that I had never done before.”

BMF Season 2 Premieres January 6 on Starz at 8pm.

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