Why I Choose Traveling With My Parents Over Solo Trips

The story repeated itself two years later, when my family visited New York City. As we were walking around Manhattan, I saw teenagers just a little older than I was listening to some man attentively. Curious as I’ve always been, I approached the group. It ended up being a New York University college admissions tour. I was in middle school then, so college applications weren’t on my mind, but I was intrigued. So I told my parents, “Let’s join the tour!” And they, although confused, agreed. The experience fascinated me, so much so that when the tour ended, I said: “I’m moving to New York City for college.” I noticed everyone around me was from another part of the world, and the city suddenly seemed like a melting pot of cultures, experiences, and realities. I never even applied to NYU — it was outside my parents’ budget — but after high school, I did make it to Manhattan College on a full tuition scholarship. 

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