Your 2023 New Year’s Eve Horoscope Is Here

As we prepare to turn the page from 2022 to 2023, there’s excitement in the air — and with good reason. A lot of the obstacles we have been experiencing in previous years finally begin to dissolve in the year ahead. This will not only relieve the enormous tension; it will also create more opportunities for growth at a collective as well as personal level.
But before you rush to write a list of intentions, remember that two of the most influential forces — Mercury and Mars — are currently in retrograde. With the Planet of Communication and the Planet of Ambition taking a nap, instead of being urged to rush to the finish line, we are receiving cosmic permission to slow down and reflect. When looking back, what did 2022 mean for your overall journey? What did you learn — and most importantly, which were your biggest wins? With no pressure currently coming from the stars as we transition into 2023, the best use of our energy this New Year’s Eve goes towards celebrating ourselves.
That being said, a lot of us will be in a little bit of a quiet, pensive mood. Retrograde Mercury and Venus are sitting next to intense Pluto. So instead of going out to party like crazy, most of us will feel like celebrating low-key with our VIPs. Rather than seeking adventure, we will opt to cook a delicious feast and accompany it with top-notch wine. After all, the Moon is in foodie, classy Taurus, so don’t hesitate to pamper yourself tonight.


Go within, Aries! With your planetary ruler, Mars, in retrograde since Halloween, you’ve had to slow your roll quite considerably. For a go-getter like you, this could feel like a big pain — however, know that in the end, all the setbacks Mars has brought you will end up being in your best interest. The good news is that Mars goes direct on January 12, so by then, you will be ready to begin setting intentions and putting a plan together for the year ahead. With lucky Jupiter traveling in your sign until mid-Spring, you will expand in so many directions. Tonight, less is more, and it’s best to celebrate only with family or close friends, as the trio Mercury-Venus-Pluto could spell intense interactions within a group. The more you let others lead, the better time you will have as you cross the portal towards the new year.Illustrated By Angie Zou


What a year it’s been, Taurus. You’ve gone through so much change, and as this year comes to an end, it’s time to honor your amazing resilience. You could be feeling in need of some serious attention, so make sure to communicate this feeling to your besties. With your ruler, Venus, sitting next to intense Pluto and Mercury retrograde, you could easily fall into the trap of calling an ex or looking for stimulation in the wrong places. The Moon is also illuminating your sign, meaning that you could be feeling very emotional. The current vibe is ideal for a night of pampering and allowing yourself to have all the feels. Tomorrow, on the first day of 2023, the Moon activates wild child Uranus in your sign. Take a moment to absorb any epiphanies or aha moments that are in store for you. They most likely contain juicy information about your 2023 journey to come.Illustrated By Angie Zou


Embrace introspection, Gemini! You’re normally the life of the party — but this year, the universe has other plans for you. Mars, the Planet of Drive and Ambition, is currently retrograde in your sign, so you’re most likely feeling a little low-energy. The Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Capricorn are also activating two of the most sensitive areas of your chart, your eighth and twelve houses, which has you in a reflective mood. You might decide to ring in the new year alone or with only a few people, which is the absolute ideal vibe, as long as you don’t allow yourself to get down. If you’re closing the year less than thrilled with your career performance due to your ruler, Mercury, currently retrograde in Capricorn, the tide is turning as soon as mid-January arrives. By then, you will be feeling refreshed and ready to chase your most ambitious goals.Illustrated By Angie Zou


As the only sign ruled by the Moon, Cancer, you’re super in tune with the rhythms of the lady of the night. Today, the Moon enters Taurus, its favorite place in the sky. Due to this move, you’re most likely feeling yourself. Currently, the other luminary, the Sun, is traveling through your seventh house of relationships. If you’re in a committed partnership, you might decide to spend your New Year’s Eve focusing on having a hot, steamy night with your darling. If you’re happily single, you might opt for the interesting plans Black Moon Lilith has for you! Since April, this cosmic symbol of divine feminine has been gracing your sign, igniting your desire to explore the non-tangible side of life and all things witchy. As Black Moon Lilith currently gets reinvigorated by Neptune, the Planet of Magic, you might even decide to get together with your friends and cast powerful spells under the moonlight.Illustrated By Angie Zou


Focus on yourself, Leo. 2022 was an intense year for you, as you had to overcome many obstacles. As you get ready to say goodbye to this year, both of the luminaries, Sun and Moon, are activating your career and work houses. These influences could translate into pressure, driving you to make the mistake of “getting one last bit of work done” before the new year arrives. Leo, don’t buy into the illusion that working harder will set you up for a better year ahead. Instead, opt for celebrating the many obstacles you already overcame. Focus on thinking big and expanding your horizons. Magnanimous and lucky Jupiter is currently activating your ninth house of travel and faraway horizons, encouraging you to see the world with new eyes. World travel is definitely in the stars for you at the beginning of 2023, so… where would you like to go?Illustrated By Angie Zou


For you, Virgo, the astrology of New Year’s Eve looks very promising. A total of four planetary influences, including the Capricorn Sun and Venus, are currently camped out in your fifth house of fun and pleasure. This is the perfect energy to grab a couple of besties and have a fun night out. If you’re single and looking, you could end up meeting someone interesting as you ring in the new year. However, because communication won’t be working at its best (thank you, Mercury retrograde) and intense Pluto is involved here, make sure not to rush things. A slow and steady approach is best. The Taurus Moon will have you feeling adventurous, a vibe that becomes even stronger on January 1. Use this special day to think outside the box and come up with one exciting, new thing you would want to do in 2023. What would that be, Virgo?Illustrated By Angie Zou


Today, it’s okay to just relax, Libra. You’re the epitome of a social butterfly — but this year, you’re most likely feeling tired and low-energy, and that’s okay. A total of four planets are activating your home sector, so as you cross the time portal towards 2023, home is where the heart is. Your planetary ruler, Venus, is currently in serious and ambitious Capricorn, which could at times turn your mind towards career goals. But since the astrology is not primed for setting intentions, it’s best to not even go there. If you’re partnered, the vibe is perfect for cooking a nice meal together and cuddling up by the fire as you reach a new level of intimacy. If you’re single, your desire to go out might be stronger. If you do decide to venture out of your home, be mindful that Mercury is retrograde, which could bring confusion to your interactions.Illustrated By Angie Zou


2022 was intense for you, Scorpio — so you will be glad to know that this New Year’s Eve was made for you, as the stars will be on your side. The Sun is currently illuminating your third house of communication, so you’re most likely feeling extra chatty and social. Lady Venus is also traveling very close to your planetary ruler, Pluto, amping up your magnetism and ability to attract. This alluring vibe will have you turning heads everywhere you go, so enjoy this feeling of being admired. Your sector of relationships is also super-charged by the Taurus Moon, which tonight could coincide with a destined meeting. Even if you’re not looking, you could meet someone interesting and out of the ordinary that later on plays a key role in your life. If you’re already committed — however, this same vibe is ideal for welcoming the new year with your partner, perhaps getting kinky in the bedroom.Illustrated By Angie Zou


For you, Sagittarius, this is a night to have fun but that will also require you to stay grounded. Your planetary ruler, party lover Jupiter, is currently camped out in fire sign Aries, giving you a zest for life that you’re certainly enjoying. Aries rules your fifth house of fun and pleasure, so you’re definitely receiving plenty of celebratory invitations to ring in the new year. Life is short, so why not have fun? As you hop from your favorite bar to the next party, the one thing to keep in mind is the current lineup of planets activating your second house of money. This means that if you’re not careful, this could be one of those times in which you pick up everyone’s tab when your excitement level reaches a fever pitch. You are a generous soul — just make sure you’re not setting yourself up for a credit card hangover the next day.Illustrated By Angie Zou


It’s your birthday season, Capricorn, so this is the perfect time to celebrate how amazing you are! With the bright light of the Sun illuminating your sign, you could be feeling called to set new goals — after all, you’re one of the most ambitious signs. However, before putting too much pleasure on yourself, remember that Mercury is currently retrograde in your sign. This is bound to completely shift your perspective around goals, and you won’t really know how it will turn out until mid-January, which is when the trickster planet goes direct. With the pressure off your shoulders, there’s really nothing more productive for you than looking back and celebrating your wins. Venus, the Planet of Pleasure, is also in your sign, reminding you that life is too short not to have fun. On top of that, the Moon is also perfectly placed in the sky — so make sure your transition to 2023 is a fabulous one.Illustrated By Angie Zou


It’s okay to hide, Aquarius. As a mental air sign, you love the social scene, as your hungry intellect requires mental stimulation. However, with the Sun, Venus, Pluto, and Mercury retrograde activating your twelfth house, your sector of privacy and subconscious mind, you’re in need of rest and your mood is quite shy right now. And the truth is that introspection is your best friend as well as teacher: 2022 was not the easiest of years for you, so you probably have a lot to process. By embracing solitude, you’re not only allowing yourself to catch up on life, but you’re also setting yourself up for future success. Luckily, the legendary Moon will be in Taurus, wrapping you in its cloud of wisdom as you cozy up to an inspiring book or movie. Once the Sun enters your sign in late January, you will be ready to rock.Illustrated By Angie Zou


For you, Pisces, the astrology of New Year’s Eve is all about connection. Since late 2020, master teacher Saturn has been in your twelfth house of subconscious mind, bringing valuable lessons through meditation and solitude. However, with a total of four planetary influences currently activating your eleventh house of friendships, you’re in the mood to socialize and mingle. And with the Taurus Moon currently traveling in your third house of communication, you’re also quite chatty. 2022 was a year of wins for you, and connecting with friends to ring in the new year is a great way to celebrate your many achievements. Grab a few of your pals and head to a fun evening in town. As you make plans, leave yourself a little wiggle room to play around. The Moon will be instigating unexpected events and connections, so make sure you’re leaving enough room for the universe to surprise you tonight.Illustrated By Angie Zou

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